SS 236

SS 236 Unit Two Assignment

Unit Two AssignmentSS 236 Introduction Throughout the history of this nation, there has been countless debates concerning how much power the federal government should have. But before the United States Constitution was ratified by the states, there was a debate between what is considered the first political parties of this country. Those being federalists, who …

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Political Views

Political Views  People, Power, and Politics SS236 Political Views Government is not something that I claim to know much about. I’ve always payed attention to elections and the “important” things happening in government but never took the time to really sit down and figure it all out. During past elections, I usually sided with which …

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SS 236 Unit Four Assignment

Unit Four Assignment  SS 236 Introduction Here in the United States of America, we have what is labeled a “bicameral” legislation. This is defined by the fact that there are two divisions of Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives, that introduce laws and enforce budgetary restrictions (O’Connor, Sabato, & Yanus, 2016). Each one …

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