Toxins in Home furnishings being passed on to Kids

Toxins in Home furnishings being passed on to Kids (Press release by Duke University 21st Feb 2019)




Question 1

The community is mainly composed of middle earning population who prefer cheap alternative furniture such vinyl floors. The community is found characterized by high number of children

Question 2

Preidt (2019) confirms that the source of problem is the cheap furniture that have harmful chemicals which can potentially end up in their blood and urine causing health complications

Question 3

The article provides clear evidence by reporting the results of a research to ascertain presence of semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOCs) in the urine and blood of involved population set. Children living in homes with sofas made of flame retardant polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) had a high concentration of PBDEs in their blood (Preidt 2019).

Question 4

The article provides information on health effects by linking lab tests of these chemicals to neurodevelopmntal delays, obesity, thyroid delays and some types of cancer.

Question 5

The population at risk is children between the age of 2 years and 9 years who are in constant contact with this furniture and electronics while playing. Some of the chemicals end up in the gut while oral stage lick their fingers

Question 6

The article has provided sufficient information by linking chemicals to health effects after conducted results. It also points out the main areas which can be sources of this SVOCs and mode of contact through either breathing or skin contact.

Question 7

The article would be improved by provide graphics of the effect of a certain chemical in causing certain diseases. Bar graphs of minimum exposure benzyl butyl phthalate and reported cases of respiratory disorders, myeloma which would give a clear visual aid for the consumers hence better understanding( Beck 2010)


Preidt R.(2019) Toxins in Home Furnishings can be Passed on to Kids. Duke University news release retrived though

Beck .D.M(2010) The appeal of the brain in the popular press. Perspectives on psychological science ,5(6)

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