Understanding Learnin

Understanding Learning

The four types of consequences that can result from behavior are as follows:

Positive reinforcement

This happens when an individual’s behavior results in something desirable happening to them either material (such as receiving monetary rewards), emotional (such as feeling enjoyment), or some combination of the two.

Negative reinforcement

This happens when an individual’s behavior results in removing something they find to be aggravating, annoying, or unpleasant.


This happens when an individual receives something unpleasant or when something desirable is lost.


This happens at the end of a punishment.

The combination of two consequences of behavior can be when positive and negative reinforcements happen at the same time. For example, an employee is positively reinforced by a passing performance appraisal for their good work. They avoided negative feelings of negativity and anxiety from other co-workers who didn’t satisfactorily perform, that resulted in a failing performance appraisal.

Based on the scenario, the influence of motivation as it applies to the learning experience is the environment, which are factors tied to a physical surrounding in which the performance must occur. The training methods and learning, which is a permanent change in cognition resulting from experiences and changes influencing behavior, can also influence motivation.

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