Union Strategy Union Strategy

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Union Strategy

Recently, the AFL-CIO passed a resolution that will expand existing forms of participation and create new forms of membership available to any workers that are not already covered by an existing bargaining agreement. The AFL-CIO will also expand its associations with worker centers. They are also looking for ways for worker center members to become union members. Recognizing that student workers will comprise as a major component of the workforce, they are looking to form student memberships to the union. These plans definitely provide direction for growth as more union members, the stronger the financial power of the union will become. Financial power will enable the union to become more innovative and stronger. The CTW is now recruiting from work centers and educational institutions CTW’s major focus at the moment is WalMart for financial gains.

Analyze the way in which unions are organized and operate. Then, make at least one recommendation for improvement in either its organization or operations.

Unions operate with a mission statement, a union analysis, both long and short-term objectives, external analysis, and strategic planning. One improvement would be if all unions operated with the same strategic models across the board to form solidarity.

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