Who maintains standards for CSS

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Who maintains standards for CSS?


A. The W3C


B. The BLD


C. The IAB


D. The MRN

This CSS code will let you use an image named “bullet.png” in a bulleted list.


A. ul { list-style-image: url(bullet.png”);}


B. ul { image: url(bullet.png”);}


C. ul { style-list-image: url(bullet.png”);}


D. ul { list-image: url(bullet.png”);}

SWFObject is used to:


A. Link to YouTube videos.


B. Embed Flash movies in a web page.


C. Embed multimedia into a form.


D. Embed audio into a web page.

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The method attribute of the

tag supports the two values:


A. get or post.


B. post or input.


C. input or get.


D. submit or post

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CSS provides __________ different beveled border styles.


A. two


B. three


C. four


D. five

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Which elements are used to define the head, body and foot of a table?








C. , ,


D. , ,

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Which of the following is a valid image tag?






C. ” >



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Which style tag defines a link’s characteristics while the mouse moves over the link?


A. a:link


B. a:visted


C. a:active


D. a:hover

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The attribute that is best for including a short description of a table’s contents for users with disabilities is:


A. id.


B. summary.


C. description.


D. title

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To accept input from the user on a web page use the __________ tag.









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The width of a table can be:


A. set to a number of pixels or as a percentage of the current browser width.


B. set to a number of pixels or to a number of inches.


C. set to a specific number of pixels only.


D. set to a percentage of the current browser width only.

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What is the maximum number of forms you can place in your Web page?


A. 1


B. 2


C. 8


D. There is no limit

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To set the background for a page to white, use this code.









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What tag, new in HTML5, places video directly into your web page so visitors can watch video?









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The image formats presently supported by all browsers are:


A. GIF and JPEG.







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Which style attribute will create a background image that replicates across the entire browser window if the background image were named BG.jpg in a folder called “images”?


A. background-image: url (imagesBG.gif);


B. background-images: url(imageBG.jpg);


C. background-images: yes repeat);


D. background-images: no repeat);

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If you wish to present the user with a drop down list of items so that the user can select one of the items on the list, use the __________ and __________ elements.


A. input; button


B. select; option


C. submit; text


D. submit; option

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Which example below correctly applies multiple selectors at the same time?


A. p – ol – ul {color: blue}


B. p, ol, ul (color: blue);


C. p + ol + ul {color: blue}


D. p, ol, ul {color: blue}

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Two ways to alter the normal flow of a page are the use of __________ and __________.


A. the .inner attribute; the .outer attribute


B. absolute positioning; relative positioning


C. the float property; relative positioning


D. absolute positioning; the float property

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What is a hexadecimal number?


A. Defines IP address location in a web site


B. Defines CMYK colors in a web site


C. Defines RGB colors in a web site


D. Defines font size in a web site

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