AB 219 Unit 7 assignment.


Kaplan University

April 17, 2017

The Winter Soldiers

Tom Peterprovides information on how brands should be.It stresses that brands need to be remarkable astheymust provide information showing it is remarking itself.Brands, therefore, need to stand out. The information provided here assist in answering the questions that have been asked as they provide a reference point;

1. The movie I recently watched is Captain America which is about The Winter Soldiers. In this movie, the American captain together with a widow is seen going into a store of Apple Company. The store sold apple laptops and therefore it had put some of them which had the log of apple on display. The log was well displayed on the laptops as well as on the shirts that the attendants of the shop were wearing.

2. The laptops of Apple laptops that were shown in the movie are electronic products which are consumed by customers. The electronics products are equipment which is being used by almost everyone in his life due to the current technological advancements.The products are usually used in carrying out businesses tasks as well as for personal uses.There are various consumer electronic products and examples arelaptops, televisions, digital cameras, MP3 players, etc.

3. The value which the brand has is what is referred to as Brand equity, the value of apple laptops is very high as they seem to be art devices which are premium. The way the devices aredisplayed, theirdesign, as well as the rate of innovation of Apple Company to these products, is at a high level.

In the movie, thee widow and captain America are shown using the apple laptop in the store to see a flash drive. Theycan see the drive and all the information relating to it.The pictures of the drive are of high quality, and this makes the customers have a good visual impression concerning the products. Therefore, the design of the laptops and the quality pictures it shows makes it be appealing when it is on display.As a result ofthese, the core values of the products are enhanced hence increasing brand equity.

4. A brandstrategy which was employed by the company is the one which says how clients feel about the goods they are selling and in this case, they are laptops. The company y is trying to enhance the personality of the laptops as well as their value by highlighting their value. In addition to this, they are trying to establish a connection which is emotional with its viewers.

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