ECE 430 Discussion 2

Discussion 2

Heading 2:
Do you think teachers are adequately prepared to use assessment data to make instructional decisions?

Considering all the careful analysis and collection of these assessment data, I think teachers are adequately prepared to make instructional decisions.

From the findings on the field, we can get a clear picture of the general condition. The sample that they were done represents the general view of the children thus they all have same performance and thus same characteristics. Teachers are adequately to handle this. Making decisions based on them is thus the best way to go. In the long run, children will have been helped a great deal as the problems that are facing them are dealt with in making decisions.

Basing the decisions on them will also help the teachers in making objective decisions. The teachers will have to put everything in consideration and know what to focus on more. This assists in the long run as the major issues are worked on and others that need immediate attention are identified and teachers are also prepared for this. This way, the teacher won’t have a lot of burden in redoing what they are already good at. In the long run, teachers basing on assessment data, I will foster trust among them and even keep them motivated to do more for the children.

In conclusion, teachers are adequately prepared since they were adequately trained to adopt to any condition and more so, they are the ones teaching and also always on the ground. They know what the children have and what they need. I think they’re adequately prepared.

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