GU 299 week 6 assignment Reflection Journal

Reflection Journal






What, if anything, did you find surprising, particularly challenging, or interesting? (10 pts)

It was challenging dealing with group members in the group. Every group member had opinions and believed that what they had was relevant. Some of the group members divided themselves into a different group and started working on their opinions and beliefs separately from the actual group. It became interesting when those group members who had formed the new group felt that the other group members were not willing to be involved in their discussion yet they had isolated themselves. This became challenging when it came to working on the project in question because attention was redirected and team work was not put to practice.

It was a relief and interesting to find out that failing in something is inevitable sometimes. It was challenging when it came to handling the disappointments. This is because several people have different personalities, which is rather interesting. These people have different ways of dealing with disappointments. It was challenging handling a smooth successful work to a rocky rough path of failure.

From what you know about this course so far, what connections can you make to previous learning experiences, and how do you think this course will help you as you move forward in your college and professional life? (10pts)

The connections I have made with this course and the others is that communication skills and critical thinking is very essential. Having good communication skills prevents misunderstandings in group work thus promoting team work. This affects my academic and professional life positively since it prepares me for the best by training me to be able to work in groups well and as a team. As shared by (Chambers, Lavery, 2012), critical thinking however is responsible for guiding the group in making the best decisions and choosing on the best projects to work on. It however prepares me as a student and a professional to make wiser and better decisions.

Another connection I made from this course that is relevant in others is that one can fail in sometimes and handling that disappointment can be tough. Like other courses, I might feel that I am very good in this work and love what I do but sometimes disappointments occur and they might lead to failure. Thus this prepares me as a student and professional to be more prepared and find ways that prevent certain failures. If those failures cannot be solved or fixed then it is very essential for one to find ways that deal with the disappointment. This thus prepares me as a student and professional to solve or prevent a failure or handle the disappointment that comes with failure.

How do course outcomes (listed above) for this week apply to your experiences so far? (10pts)

As a volunteer in the community organization, sometimes the projects that we work on are something that I am very passionate in and sometimes these projects are suspended. Thus handling the disappointment is necessary because there are still lots of projects and work to be done. Also I experience disappointments where some of the projects we are given as a group become due and we have not yet completed due to some disagreements and conflicting ideas and opinions. Thus I also have to deal with that disappointment in order to concentrate and finish working on it.

Communication skills and critical thinking apply to my daily routines as a student and professional in the community organization that I work for. Through communication skills I get to work well with the community members and embrace their diverse cultures. At work I am able to work with colleagues well and as a team. In school as I student I am able to interact with other students well and also work in groups well. Through critical thinking skills, I am able to make wise decisions concerning the development of the community and the community organization. In school I am able to use critical thinking when doing tests and participating in group discussions.

What specific ideas did you learn from the Starbucks book this week that you could use in your every life or future career? (10pts)

In chapter sixteen, Schultz explains why it is very important for a company to renew itself. He shares that despite the change in management, change in taste, change in customers and competition, the business or life should go on. He encourages that when a business is successful, changing certain strategies on the way to success should be inevitable. He also encourages good partnerships with companies that have good products and potential and are successful because they aid in good branding. Thus in life, despite the changes that we go through, our goals should motivate our living and self branding is essential because it helps us achieve those goals.

Schultz experiences a crisis in chapter seventeen because coffee speculators lead to higher prices in coffee. However, Schulz was able to overcome this with the help of his employees. He also did not want to buy cheap coffee because it would have compromised the quality he was selling to his customers. Thus through this we learn that no matter how strong the storm hits our lives, we should be strong enough to handle them. I also found it useful that having a good group with good team work is very essential because solving issues or projects become easy. I also discovered that it is always important to deliver quality goods or work regardless of the situation.

Chapter eighteen illustrates how a brand can be built and its importance. Schultz explains the importance of using marketing not just by word of mouth but advertisements, educating customers on the benefits of drinking coffee and also on the authenticity in brands. When marketing is involved, Schulz explains how it very important to have strategies like preparing for it, doing a research and including active and people who are creative to work on the project. Through this I learnt that branding myself as an entrepreneur or professional is very important and good marketing strategies are essential in order to achieve success.

What questions do you still need answered? (10pts)

As shared by (Nieto, 2015), dynamics tend to occur in life sporadically, thus I would like to know whether there is a way they can be prevented in service learning. Answers on how to deal with roadblocks that cannot be avoided and how they can be redirected in service learning. I would also like to know how to handle conflicts between students in groups and with colleagues and how to prevent it from being a destructive conflict.

According to (Hullender, Hinck & Wood-Nartker, 2015), transformational learning in school curriculum is very essential. Thus I would like to know the processes I would take to identify my preferred style. I would also like to know how transformational learning and the capacities that bring about positive change in community work together. I would also like to know the importance of including critical inquiry in transformational learning and how they have been helpful to the community and the community organization.


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