BUS 350 Final Week

Discuss the characteristics and demographics of the group.

I chose “Upscale Middle Age Mostly w/ Kids” based off of the zip code 32746. The social group is The Affluentials and the Lifestage group is Accumulated Wealth. From the demographic information gathered this group ranges from ages 35-54, mainly with children, homeowners and employment levels are management and professional. The lifestyle of this group eats at Chipotle, shops in Ikea type stores, and listens to alternative music and stays at hotels like the Mariott.

Select a segment from the lifestyle group you chose, and locate an advertisement that targets the lifestyle of that segment. Explain how the advertisement targets the lifestyle of that segment.

I chose the benefit segmentation. “Benefit segmentation requires marketers to divide the market based on the perceived benefit of the product or service. This type of segmentation may be used in clothing, appliance, consumer, cosmetic, and several other industries” (Mello, 2014).

The Residence Inn Marriott targets the lifestyle of those living in Lake Mary, FL 32746. Ratings are 4.8 of 5 on cleanliness and service, family oriented, and geared to a rewards program that can be used absolutely anywhere.

The commercial on YouTube targets business professionals as well as families with children. The Marriott is one of the world’s largest hotel and leisure companies, is master at benefit segmentation. Their brands attract its guests because it has clearly articulated in promotions the benefits of staying at a particular hotel, and then once there, follows through on the promise.

The decision making process

In this case, the professional needs to travel for a conference, or business meeting and has to find a hotel that is creditable, convenient and comfortable. He may not have to search much because he is probably a member with the Marriott and can use rewards points.Families travel for vacation, searching for the perfect hotel can be a challenge, but brand is everything and in the case of the family, they look for incentives, amenities such as pool, nearest attractions and closest restaurants.

Motivation and values

Taking into account the ages and family structure. The Marriott accommodates this targeted group providing comfortability, cleanliness and luxury style type of atmosphere whether the consumer will be there for work or for vacation. Honestly, you would not find this type of hotel or resort in the ghetto because it is an upscale type of hotel that the lower class would probably not be able to afford.

Power of attitudes

When planning a vacation for your family there are so many things they consider. Comfort, safety, cleanliness, amenities, leisure, affordability and distance to attractions and restaurants. The consumer planning the vacation wants to ensure that everyone has an outstanding time, therefore they must take the above into consideration when making their final decision. The hotel takes that into consideration and provides these services to ensure the consumer is happy and becomes a loyal consumer.

Type of message

The advertisement shows a large hotel, and its surroundings are lighted very nicely. The marketer wants to send the consumer the message that this is where they want to be. Listing that it serves free breakfast and shows guest reviews is an eye catcher. The commercial shows how professionals and families can utilize the hotel whether it is for work or pleasure. The atmosphere is tranquil, and fun, revealing the relaxing, clean rooms.

Issues related to purchase and post-purchase activities

In the commercial, you will notice the front desk staff. This shows the staff being available should there be an issue related to the purchase as well as after the purchase is complete.

The family and culture

Consumers will look for a company that has a good reputation, offer good services and products, that are creditable and has good overall reviews. Marriott hotels are creditable, reputable. Their brands attract its guests because it has clearly articulated in promotions the benefits of staying at a particular hotel, and then once there, follows through on the promise


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