Project Schedule

Project Schedule

BUS 375


The project will commence on April, 2, 2018 and it will be completed on August 7, 2019. Since the company intends on gaining a competitive advantage through this product soon, the entire project will be time sensitive. This quite evident in the Project’s critical path illustrated above. This is the case since for the project to be completed on August 7, 2019, then every task of the project with the exception of the task which entails introduction of a new cost friendly product ought to be completed on time.

The float for the project is a single day. The only task of the project that has float is


  • Introducing the new cost friendly product

With this project being time sensitive because of the need to not only ensure that the company gains a competitive advantage, but it also attracts new customer, the following activities should be accomplished on time since they have the greatest impact on the project. They include coming up with the concept, product design as well as product development. For this reason, I recommend that the project manager should ensure that adequate resources who include staffing as well as non-staffing resources are allocated to this activities for the project to be accomplished with little to no delays. These activities are essential since they have been allocated more time & they are critical since if delays occur when carrying out these activities then the project will not be completed on time.

Additional activities that I would add to the project will be project planning as well as task reviews after each task. Project planning is essential as it helps a project manager to identify risks associated with the project to be able to plan in advance how to tackle the risk. This is essential as it will enable the project team to be able to accomplish tasks on time. Secondly, task reviewing will ensure that each task is accomplished completely with no error before proceeding to the next task. This ensures that the entire project results in a top-quality product.


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