Microsoft Project Familiarization

Microsoft Project Familiarization

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My opinion on how easy or difficult MS Project seems.

From user experience standpoint, Microsoft projects seem to be too easy to work with in planning and execution of managerial plans. There is a different observation that has made me support this software. Firs, I agree with Advisicon (2012) that it is the only software with services that will allow managers to share bulk MPP files online. The software gives room for the creation or download of elaborated and fundamental templates that will provide users with a quiet time to make their projects faster and efficient. Secondly, I don’t think there is any other software that gives such a quick and faster method of estimating project timelines. Managers can now evaluate the timeframe of a running project and plan whether to speed up or slow down the project.

Lastly, in MS project, there is no more pressure on the co-workers from the boss. Bosses need not complain about a delay of the project since the timeline of a project can be altered anytime as well as the potential resources with the aim of cutting down the time required. This is even more convenient with the tool of trace task paths that applies the use of a link to access other tasks.

Challenges that I foresee in usingย MS Project

From the introduction and launch of the standard 2007 Microsoft office project, I learned that the software provides robust project management tools that will assist managers to plan and monitor organizational projects more effectively and efficiently. The fact that it gives excellent flexibility, power, and usability, it is not such easy as it sounds. For sure the robust tools are provided and are compactable but working with them is a matter of concern. One of the best device in MS project, in the which allows the importation of MPP files for online sharing. These MPP files are big and cumbersome to upload as well as editing their features to the correct one for use.

Also, MS project requires that you spend all the time reviewing your milestones and tasks to update your plan. In this process of updating your program, it is a significant hurdle determining your task durations as well as assigning predecessor over a timeline in the Gantt chart is you want a quick visual of plan progress. It’s recommended that all tasks should be subcategorized into subtasks for easy management, a process that is mind-blowing. Hence, I foresee some challenges in the use of MS project.

The importance of using MS Project instead of using other tools

Just like Lewis (2009) puts it, Microsoft project does not require manual input of the duration of tasks. When using excel in project planning and management, all date is added manually hence error may be made such as scheduling work over the weekends and holidays. MS projects allow the user to manage task dependencies in such a way that when one task is finished, others will not be disrupted. There is a formation of multiple timelines in MS as compared to other tools. These schedules allow users view the ongoing activities quickly. On matters of availability, it is available for Android, iOS and window devices. When you compare the use of MS project and MS excel in time requirement, excel due not have any automatic updates of resource assignments, time or scope. Equally, they are no tool that will help the user to calculate the resource availability impact. Hence, the user must allocate MS excel more time as compared to MS project. Lastly, creating a project timeline or deadline isn’t dynamic.


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