Debate Centralized budgeting

Debate: Centralized Budgeting CJA/365 Debate: Centralized Budgeting My Position Should budget authority be granted across multiple levels in a criminal justice organization or centralized by a separate city or government unit? Decentralized Budgeting that is centralized makes the people in charge to consider the various departments as a whole. More focus can go into specific …

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Centralized Budget

Debate: Centralized Budgeting CJA/365 Introduction Budget planning is necessary to indicate the future direction of an agency or department regarding expected monies and expenditures. This paper will discuss whether the budget authority should be granted across multiple levels in criminal justice organization or centralized by a separate city or government unit. I will provide supporting …

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Communication in Policing

Communication in Policing CJA/395 name Date What is communication? Communication is defined as a process by which ideas, thoughts, and information are exchanged and understood between two or more entities. Reaching a common understanding means that people have a fairly accurate idea of what is being communicated to them; it does not imply that people …

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Strategic Plan Outcome Measurement Strategy

Strategic Plan Outcome Measurement Strategy for the City of Kelsey By: nameCJA/475dateInstructor: Mixed method – an approach to inquiry that combines or associates both qualitative and quantitative forms. Mixed Methods + Goals 6-month– Participate in anti drug campaigns– Prepare and distribute community survey to correctly determine, address and reduce fear of crime1 Year– Research and …

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Collection and Analysis

Howard McKenzie, Joseph Yelin, Nichole DeClouette, Edward Soto CJA/335December 14, 2016Dr. Anthony Carbo Collection and Analysis rppt_xppt_yppt_xppt_yrppt_xppt_yppt_xppt_y The assignment Develop a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that assesses the issues surrounding the collection, analysis, and utilization of statistical data in criminal justice policy making.  Special attention should be given to programs designed with community …

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Budget Issues Presentation

CJA/ 365 City Council Budget Proposal Learning Team D 6/3/17  City Council Proposal 1 City East Proposaloverview DemographicsPopulationCensus DataPolice Department stats i.e. (# of employees, departments Employee categories,)General Statistics 2 Police Services 3 Police units 4 Drug Enforcement Unit 10 DetectivesSwat Team 10 DetectivesViolent Crimes Unit 5 DetectivesSex Crimes Unit 3 DetectivesDomestic Violence Unit 2 …

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