Final Paper Outline

Final Paper Outline

COM 325 Communication & Conflict



  • Thesis: Conflict is a part of life, there is no way around it. Our ability to manage and resolve conflict will determine our ability to grow within a company and to create respectful relationships. To successfully handle conflict, you must understand why conflict occurs and the role of personality types in conflict. You must also learn communication techniques, how to manage stress and anger, and you must learn how to forgive. I will explain how I used these skills in a conflict I was recently involved in at work.

Conflict Topic 1: Why does conflict occur?

    • Explanation: I was in line for an advancement. My boss assigned me tasks and was very specific about what I needed to do to be ready to fill his position when he left. I worked hard and believed I was ready. He called me into his office so that we could discuss my progress. He told me that I wasn’t ready.

Conflict Topic 2: Role of personality types in conflict management

  • Supporting evidence: Conflict is when two or more people have opposing views on a situation, task or assignment. Perspectives and opinions vary in such a way that may not be conducive to finding a solution unless understood and handled correctly .

Conflict Topic 3: Communication techniques

  • Supporting evidence: Some personalities are prone to anger and when they are severely provoked it can turn to rage. Some personalities seek validation and will hide true emotions to fit in and appear secure .

Conflict Topic 4: Stress and anger

  • Supporting evidence: You can react in violence, you can communicate in a destructive way, you can shut down or even take a passive aggressive role, or you can choose the collaborative technique, where you must be assertive in sharing your perspective .

Conflict Topic 5: Forgiveness

  • Supporting evidence: Stress can be caused by a number of different things. There is good stress and there is bad stress. An example of good stress also known as eustress, would be a field goal kicker that needs to kick the ball through the uprights to win the game. Then there is bad stress, when we are bored, overwhelmed, or when we lose control (Cahn & Abigail, 2014). Anger begins with displeasure and typically escalates from there, it can cause people to shut down or to even inflict physical or emotional pain (Cahn & Abigail, 2014). It is important that we stop and breathe. When you are stressed out or angry, we tend to skip this step, because we don’t care. If our mind is focused on something else other than collaboratively solving a problem, then chances are, we will only escalate the conflict. Anger and stress needs to be harnessed and controlled otherwise it will only impede the resolution.


  • Supporting evidence: Holding on to grief, pain or hurt is bad for an individual . If we are too focused on the past, we will miss out on the opportunities of the future. We have to learn to live and let go.

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