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Internal Memo

To: All Employees

From: The Clinic Director

Subject: The Launch of the EMR system

Date: September 2, 2019

Attention: CGMHS Employees,

I want update you that we will begin formal training session and launch of the clinics new Electronic Medical Records System on November 4, 2019. This plan is in line with creating the new merger of Cooper Green with UAB to form the new Health Care Authority this was voted on, and passed earlier this year (2019) by the county commissioners. In doing so, this required that we install and implement an Electronic Medical Records system and synchronize the patients’ data in all our departments.

When I first assumed office 2 years ago, I promised to transform the clinics operations to create a more efficient environment that would enable you to offer the best standard of care possible to our patients. With that, we recalled all of our medical id cards and asked our patients to reapply for coverage from Jefferson County. I am pleased to announce that as of last month, we have gone from a negative 12 million cost to a positive 5 million benefit. This is something that CGMHS has not seen over the past 5 years. Our facility has improved vastly in the outpatient department patients’ waiting time has decreased by 40%, from 45 minutes to 10minutes. In addition to this the pharmacy department has upgraded its ability to service our patients in a more effective and timely manner with two lines of patient refill prescription voice mail. Consequently, we are edging closer to realizing our vision of being the best indigent clinic offering quality care to Jefferson County. In that, we are creating a new workforce there is need to cut down on time wastage especially in searching for patients’ files and medical records. To this effect, it was proposed to install an electronic medical records system. Currently, as most of you have observed, the clinics IT department has already started using electronic tablets to capture and retrieve patient information in its trial run. I am glad to report that the department is appreciative of the new equipment, which it claims has been very successful so far.

As always with change there is fear, I have received some complaints and fears from some of you regarding the new changes in the clinic. From my interactions, especially with senior physicians, there is a concern for the privacy of patients’ details. In addition, I have interacted with non-medical staff who fear that the system may render some of them jobless. Kindly note that my office has ensured that no individual will lose their job, insofar as they meet their goals as expected. However, since the new system will be transforming most of the clinics operations, there is a need to train you on how the system works and show you the benefits of the new system. In a snapshot, the new system will accomplish the following:

Colleagues, in the several years that I have worked with you, I have come to understand the value of teamwork. More importantly, I have witnessed in many of our interactions in the line of duty that the healthcare profession is a calling that requires the utmost level of altruism. Knowing quite well that our primary goal is to deliver quality care to our patients without any prejudice, I invite you to consider this new development as a step in the right direction towards realizing our ultimate goal as healthcare professionals. I understand that change can bring uncertainty, but if a change that we plan on pursuing will improve our service delivery, then I bet it is worth the risk. I will be with you every step of the way through this transition, and invite any concerns regarding the system so that we can look for a speedy resolution of any issue.

  • The system will reduce the amount of check in time, as patients will now be able to check in online as well as at our kiosks.
  • The new system will make it easy to serve clients who require medical attention from outside vendors, since all concerned departments can access the records from a central database in real time.
  • The new system will assist in tracking a patient’s health history hence reducing the chances of overlooking vital patient facts and data.
  • The use of information technology will reduce the workload of most nurses, giving them time to prepare comprehensive care plans for their patients.

To this end, pilot transitions will take place systematically, one department after the other, in a span of three months. This move will ensure that we all get enough time to troubleshoot any obstacles that may arise in the implementation of the system. Already, as mentioned earlier, the IT department has already experienced the new system. In keeping with our Mission Statement Cooper Green Mercy Health Services is dedicated to serving Jefferson County residents with quality healthcare regardless of ability to pay. We are committed to the advancement of healthcare through education of our patients and their families, our staff, and the community we serve and to the pursuit of knowledge through educational and research activities that advance the field of medicine. We continuously seek to improve our services and to adapt to meet the changing health needs of the people we serve.

As always, my office is open to any questions or concerns

Ciceli McLin

Clinic Director.


Board Chairperson.

Board Members.

All heads of departments.


The channel of choice for this communication was a memo addressed to the employees of CGMHS. This notice is to inform the clinics employees of the new changes to the work environment. I like this form of communication best, because employees can read it at any place during their workday and for those who have the CGMHS down loaded to their home computer, smart phone or have the application on their phone it makes communication easier as it is flagged with a red mark to indicate it has high importance. The memo is useful because of the context in which the audience operates. If I had used a different channel such as emails, or a town hall meeting employees like myself, may not find the time to review them, or be in the process of having to deal with patients in an urgent situation and miss the town hall meeting. When information like this comes out it is in the form of a “blast” and placed on the notice boards all throughout CGMHS were it easily attracts their attention. Secondly, the memo will also be useful in raising awareness among the patients that a new system will soon be in place.

The style used in the written communication is sell/tell. The justification for this style is that the employees are not familiar with the new EMR system in order to put minds at ease it shows that the IT department has already had the privilege to work with the new system before mandatory training takes place in addition to the go live date. In the end, all employees will be trained on the new system and with hopes that all the kinks and bugs have been knocked out on the day that all systems are a go. It also shows that I will be along with them in learning the new EMR system and we will all work as a team.


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