Communication Plan

Strategic Communication Plan

COM 510 Business Communications

Yes my challenge or an opportunity are clear on what I would like to accomplish. The level of professional ability to work with a company that does not have any barriers to achieving a higher level of growth, in addition to my desire to enhance my skills and assets to better fulfill a company’s needs with my knowledge and level of experience makes this clear, concise and actionable.

  1. Description
    • What is your challenge or opportunity?
      To obtain the Human Resource position with Amazon in the Seattle Washington area. This location is one that my husband have both longed for in that we currently reside in Alabama. The opportunity to work with a fast pace company that is growing and on the cutting edge of technology is a great investment for me as well as my skill set in Human Resources.
    • Why is this professionally important to you?
      To be able to utilize my leadership experience, as well as my Administration knowledge which I have ascertained over the past 5 years. My formal education has allowed me a strong foundation and understanding of the role that Human Resources plays with in bigger companies like that of Amazon. Being a self-efficacy individual will allow me to present myself and the assets I have to fulfill the needs of the Human Resource role as well as Amazon’s leadership team.
  2. Goal
    • What goal or outcome do you want to achieve with this communication?
    • My goal is to achieve the position of Human Resource Manager, while delivering a superb interview, showcasing the many assets and skills, I have to offer in the role of Human Resource Manager. In joining their leadership team I can effectively maximize the productivity of the organization by optimizing the effectiveness of its employees.
    • Is it clear, concise and actionable?

    i. What research/ sources will you use to obtain information about the audience?
    My goal is to use the workforce engagement and personal development tools to help ensure I am ready for my interview. In using the personal components I will be able to review interview questions that may be asked to show my ability to manage, adapt, and lead individuals within the company.

    1. Audience
      • Who is your target?
        My target audience will consist of The Board of Executives.
      • What are the professional positions of the audience members?
    2. Director of Human Resources
      • Executive Administration Assistant
      • Human Resource Assistant
      • What demographic characteristics will the audience comprise of?
    3. The Board of Executives comprises of many professional individuals with various backgrounds and ethnicities. All professional members have the ability to lead and manage this growing company in the world of ever changing technology. The professional individuals in these leadership roles, have developed a team of members who interact and lead by example to all members of the Amazon family in that they are formally educated and skilled to instruct leadership that is needed to continue to be successful.
      • What is your relationship to the audience?
        I have been a faithful Prime Member since 2015. However in my professional setting I have a Bachelors of Business Administration with a focus in Human Resources. Having over 5 years of experience in Administration and 3 years in Human Resource as a Generalist, and 1 year as an Executive Human Resource Manager. I recently completed my internship within my current company as an Executive Human Resource Manager, which gave me the ability to increase my skills in areas like, On Boarding, workman’s Comp. Sick Leave, Benefits, Retirement, and Reprimands as a few examples.
      • What background knowledge and expertise does the audience have?
        The Director of Human Resources has over 20 years of experience in Human Resource, and is a SHRM Senior Certified Professional. The Executive Administration Assistant has been with the company for 10 years, while the Human Resource Assistant has been with the company for 8.
      • What does the audience know, feel about, and expect concerning this communication?
        Each member of the Board of Executives that are currently involved with the open position of Human Resource Manager, are interested in what make me want to uproot my family from Alabama to Washington. They are very positive and excited about my intentions and willingness to take such a big step to an unknown area, But understand my desire to grow, in addition to my knowledge of the company it’s infrastructure, the challenges they currently face, and their need to stay atop and be a game changer in online shopping and delivery of products and service. With each team members ability to see my skills and experience it allows me to give assurance that I am an excellent candidate for this management position and that I can lead a team in a professional manor in line with their core values.
      • What preconceptions or bias do you possess that might prevent you from building rapport with your audience?
        That compared to all the members of the Board of Executives, I do not have more than 10 years’ experience in the field of Human Resources or a field outside of health care.
      • What information is available about your audience?
        a. Their preferred leadership style
      • b. The core values and mission statement of the company
        c. Their current scandal with the owners of Amazon
        d. Their stock value
        e. Their desire to continue to grow and change the way individuals shop for products and services online.
    4. ii. What conclusions have you been able to draw about the audience?
      Each person has a commitment to the company. They all have strong work ethics, they are reliable trustworthy, and have an exceptional skill set to work as a manager.

      i. What research/ source will you use to obtain facts/data about your message?
      Do to this job being in another state I will have emailed my current resume, cover letter, as well as my college transcript. This will show my interviewers my level of experience and skill levels. We will be able to do a virtual interview where I will be able to meet each team member answer questions prior to visiting the Seattle Washington as the final step to accepting the job. At this time letters of recommendations maybe presented in addition to any volunteer work, sorority groups, or social networks I maybe a member of.

      1. What tone will you use to convey your message?
        The most important thing is to being able to express myself in a professional manner. Showing how important this company, and the position are to me, while expressing my experiences, skills and knowledge not just in management but of the company and its role to its staff and clients.
        i. Is the setting casual or formal?
        The setting is formal, as these are Executive members of the company. This is not to be intimidating as we are all professional. This is more like a round table discussion. Where each member has the ability to ask a question.
        ii. Is this communication personal or impersonal?
        My main goal is to be personal, I want the Board of Executives to see and understand my level of expertise and skills for the position of Human Resource Manager. The position is yet another level of professionalism in my journey to Human Resource Director. I will communicate in a professional manner how I can utilize my knowledge and skills to build a platform for future leadership positions. My ability to speak well and in an informative way will demonstrate why I feel I am the best candidate for the position.
        • Key Message
        • What is the primary message you must convey to your audience?
          That by allowing me to fulfill the position of Human Resource Manager, I’m very interested in expanding my knowledge and being part of an awesome team. Helping companies develop and moving things in the right direction has always been a passion of mine. I bring a smile, motivation, and positive energy everywhere I go, and the workplace is no exception. You’ll find me ready to get my hands dirty and happy to start something new and exciting.
      2. Is the message compelling and memorable?
        Yes, my message is precise, compelling, and memorable, in that I have just shown that I am ready to be a positive team member who is ready and willing to grow with the company.
        • Is the message clear and concise?
          My message is clear and direct. I shows that I have goals I would like to achieve within the company. It also shows that I set personal goals in that I am continuing my education with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration which will assist my ability to work within a formal executive team, as the Executive Board Members.
        • Is the message aligned with your audience’s goal and needs?
          This Board of Executive Managers and team members, have a level of dedication to the company which has aided to the success of Amazon and their growing status. Each team member undertakes a high level of responsibility, engaging and investing in the company, new team member, tenured employees and new employees. My main goal is to lean the needed skills to be a great leader while learning from others around me as I continue to pursue avenues in Management.
        • Supporting Points
      3. What three to four points, reasons, or justifications support your message?
        a. In that this is my “dream job” shows my level of passion for the job and the company.
        • b. My formal education in that I have completed my Bachelor’s in Business Management with a focus in Human Resources, shows my desire to continue to achieve a higher skill set in this position as well as continuing my formal education with my Masters of Business Administration.
          c. Having had over 5 years of experience in Administration and 3 years in Human Resource as a Generalist, and 1 year as an Executive Human Resource Manager, shows that I have already started to build a strong foundation in Human Resources.
      4. 6. Channel Selection

        A. What communication style will you employ (Tell/Sell or Consult/Join), and why?
        My choice of communication will be the Tell/Sell format. I feel this style enables me the ability to show that I have the education, and expertise needed to perform the job duties of a Human Resource Manager. In providing the management team with my previous work experience, formal education background, personal recommendations, honors and community involvement, my interview performance is a sure success in obtaining this desired position.

        B. What channel(s) will you use to deliver your message, and why will they be the most effective?
        Letter of Intent (Cover Letter) Application, Resume

        II. Attend virtual interview. Even though this is done via the computer, I will ensure I am in an area that is quiet, the background isn’t offensive (like a bathroom area would be), ensure that I have all the correct information to log into the virtual interview.

        III. Be early to the virtual interview, just as you would a face to face interview. Deliver myself in a professional manner showing my experience, skills and ability to adapt, as well as my desire to job this company as my dream job.

        IV. Follow up the interview with direct email “Thank You” letter to each member who attended the virtual interview, letting them know that I am thankful they gave me the opportunity to have the interview and look forward to phase two in the interview process.

        V. Attend the face to face interview with the Board of Executives where I can present my letters of recommendations, honors awards, and social involvement.

        VI. Again send a paper “Thank You” letter to each member who attended the face to face interview. This time stating that you appreciate the ability to meet directly in their home office and expanding your desire to join the company.

        C. What purpose is served by each channel you have selected?
        I believe each channel shows my intent to show case my previous experiences, my education, skills, and level of commitment. It give the interviewer knowledge that I am excited about the position their company has available and that I am the best candidate for the position.

        7. Action Request

        A. Is your call to action you are making to your audience clear, concise, and easily actionable?
        Yes, I feel my action is clear, and concise, in that I have shown my years of experience, formal education, letters of recommendations, as well as honors. This shows a clear status to my professional intentions with the job I am interviewing for as well as my desire to work with this company. It shows I am a team player who is ready and willing to accept new challenges while increasing my job skills and professional experience as a Human Resource Manager.

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