Journal: Specific Needs and Culture

Specific Needs and Culture

EDU 617 School Family & Community Partnerships

My school guarantees that the curricular incorporates service learning that will guarantee and incorporate real life skills and knowledge learned in class. The school has a culture of making certain that the students who are needing to graduate meet all of the necessary expected skills that will allow them to start projects that will be beneficial in the community. The needs for a service learning project will fit into the exact needs and culture of the school as long as the school’s administrators make certain they hire or have the proper staff that will influence students with the vital skills needed.

Administrators can also continue their efforts in touching bases with the students and staff to assess the level of understanding of the conceptions by the students. This will help them in ensuring that the curriculum is effective and impacting those skills that students will need when establishing community projects. Service learning projects should suit or be appropriate based on the need of the culture and specific needs of a school to benefit the community. When these projects are implemented based on academic and applied experiences gained in school, the community benefits and healthy relationships are developed between the academics and community.

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