Education is not the only factor to a successful life

Education is not the only factor to a successful life




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Education has been viewed differently in the past. People used to believe that one can go through the education system or not and still make it in life. However, this believe has faced vast phases where in the current life, people believe that it is only education that can be a bridge from the life of poverty to the successful life and the kind of life that every individual wants in the universe. This has called upon many motivating individuals or the so-called education speakers stressing on saying like” education is the key to success” (Burgess, Ernest Watson and Leonard Slater Cottrell, 2008). This made people to start thinking that education is the only factor to success in life. In America, this idea has taken roots in a great way, parents always emphasize on education to their children without analyzing other factors that can lead to a successful life. This paper is a classical argumentative essay that seeks to evaluate the issue of education in promoting success in the aim of opening the rationality of people to understanding all the necessary factors to success.

Thesis statement

Education or the literal booking learning has little or no significance in determining the success of an individual. The only necessity that is required for an individual to work in any profession is the right skills. Education is only one of the other considered factors, but it is not the main factor (Roberts, and Barrar pg. 31-39). In the current living education has completely changed the life of individuals from the early childhood stage of a learner. Everyone has emerged to be a slave of a set curriculum that forces children to adhere to some set rules and procedures in the name of education and eventually after spending years in school the student cannot fit in the job market. If education was the main key to success in life, why then do we have so many A graduates without a job or working in completely different careers from their pursued courses? The question can also be asked in the vice versa direction where you ask yourself why there are so many successful people who never good performers in school are while others do not even have degree certificates yet are successful in life.

Background information

Education is generally a system of set curriculum that a learner goes through in a specified time. Education system is book centered. There are also co-curriculum activities that are incorporated within the education system to help the learners to freshen up as well as realizing their talents. However, due to the notion that education is key to success, the other activities that go along with education are given less concern and allocated less time in the schedule. This is a disadvantage to those learners who are talented and gifted on the co-curricular activities. This is because these learners need more time to develop their abilities and talents, but they do not get it simply because there is a set mind set of education as the most crucial factor to success.

There are many people in the world who very successful in life just because they followed their passion in life. An individual despite the level of education attained cannot just work and fit in a career. There is a need of passion that is the feeling that an individual gets in doing what one likes (Schmidt & Peter pg. 74). This is evident in many case scenarios where graduates who were forced by the curriculum and the pressure from their parents to pursue some courses find themselves in a world of confusion; they feel that their passion and career are not in line. These people end up changing careers in life or if the pressure is too much they end up as the most desperate individuals who can end up in drug abuse or even suicide. Another important factor to consider is the talent of a child so that it is easier to better what the child can do best. Many people in the universe are successful from utilizing their talents. Even without education, a talent will flourish and make a person successful.

Reasons and evidence

It is very clear that education is not key to success of an individual. There are various reasons and evidences supporting this argument. One important reason is that education with no discipline does not result to success of an individual. Self-discipline is the aspect where an individual has control of his or her feelings, needs and attitude. When a person is self-disciplined, he or she can think before acting. One has control over all the pressures that can push one into performing regrettable acts. Many people have fallen in the trap of peer influence and peer pressure which in most cases ruins one’s morals due to getting involved in immoral behaviors. Life is about controlling all kinds of feelings, when the pressure is too much, people falls into dangerous circumstances that may ruin life (Roberts, and Barrar pg. 31-39). There are case scenarios of very successful people who die from HIV/AIDS, drug abuse among others.

Another reason is that passion, perseverance and motivation are crucial factors in promoting individual’s success. Through passion an individual can be successful in whatever career. This is because the person enjoys what he or she is doing therefore puts all the energy and creativity required to boost developed in the field. For instance, when a person loves baking, despite being employed in a bakery, he or she will be focused to developing a personal bakery therefore he or she will acquire all the required experiences that will be required in running a bakery. This is different with a person with no passion working as a nurse, he or she may end up diagnosing patients because the mind and thoughts are somewhere else.

Perseverance is very crucial in a goal-oriented person. The person will remain in endurance with his or her goals despite the challenges experienced in the job field. Perseverance is very important for successful life. An educated person without perseverance cannot be successful. In life, everything takes stages and nothing successful comes easy; one must endure episodes of success and failure especially in a new business. There are many successful people who started from scratch and due to perseverance, they have founded the largest companies in the world. Motivation is another very important factor for success (Roberts, and Barrar pg. 31-39). In life there are many challenges that may come along when developing one’s career but through motivation both internal and external motivation, one is able to overcome and realize success. Many successful people give testimonies of some aspects that motivated them in their goals while others identify role models as their motivators.

Counter argument & refutation

The issue of education as a crucial factor to success has been of great concern where many individuals support the idea. They insist on the children’s education and ignore the likes and talents of the learners. This is the reason why there are so many graduates out there whose aim is to look for jobs and not to create one. They are in school to learn so that they may acquire good paying jobs; this is the notion which have been created in most of graduates’ mindset (Volery, Thierry, and Deborah Lord pg. 216-226). In contrary, education should be taken as a tool to assist individuals stir up their thinking to come up with survival techniques of developing ones’ abilities and talents. The current world needs broad minded people not depending on others for good jobs’


In conclusion, education is not the only factor to success of an individual. Education has contributed to development of self-depressed graduates who move from one company to another seeking job opportunities. In contrary, other factors like developing learners’ talents and abilities, motivating them, teaching them perseverance and developing their passing will lead them to success.

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