EDUC 200

Education Technology

Education Technology Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Title Date Education Technology Our organization, Transformation International, majors in provision of formal education through scholarships offered to African immigrants. For the past seven years, we have been using traditional means of delivering education mainly through formal verbal lecturers and text books. However, with the technological revolution in …

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Every Student Succeeds Act for Education

Every Student Succeeds Act for Education Student’s Name Course Name and Number Instructor’s Name Date Every Student Succeeds Act for Education Introduction The operation and maintenance of public schools in the U.S is primarily a function of the state governments. State governments have a responsibility to establish, regulate, and select curriculums, instructional materials, and teaching …

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Final Essay

Abstract In this final essay, you will find my response to the question presented. The scenario question given is, “You have decided to apply for your first teaching position. The principal seated across from you ask this question: “What are 3 rewards and 3 challenges that you will face as a teacher?” In my essay …

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