Reinventing the Education System

Reinventing the Education System




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The way in which teachers are gaining leadership is not contrary to Wagner’s thinking. Teachers need to learn to make objective well informed decisions that would benefit the group individuals they are teaching or mentoring. Adaptive leadership should be results oriented and meaningful however the opportunities available for teachers are subjective to the regressive traditional approaches such as penalizing failure for instance penalizing a student who submits an assignment late and recognizing and celebrating individuals achievements which is all wrong as the modern world demands more of team work than personal effort for innovation (Heifetz et al, 2009).

Teacher operation is highly regulated by the ministry of education which gives clear guidelines on the content to be taught to students, the amount required covering the content, and it demands the teacher to keep the records of the work done. A teacher performance is chiefly measured by the level of academic achievement by the students in that the higher the grades the better quality of the teacher. It fails to look at the other ways the teacher has influenced the students, this pushes a good number of teachers to focus purely on academic performance. The regulation limits teacher’s ability to nature curiosity and innovation attributing it to wastage of time and government resources.

Some of the changes that need to be made are expelling specialization and making all learning programs interdisciplinary for instance combining biology and computer science which would sure bring a strong set of innovators in medicine. Allocation of time and activities to be conducted by students should be left to the teacher who is in a better position to understand the strengths and weakness of his/her students. Teachers need to allocate more class time to research, projects and experiments which would be useful in growing the critical thinking and problem solving skills required in the modern job market. Teachers should work in collaboration with their colleagues so as to inspire the same team work spirit to their students ( TEDx Talks 2012, May 31).


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