EH 1020 Unit VII Journal Reflection

Unit VII Journal Reflection

EH 1020 English Composition II

Columbia Southern University

Unit VII Journal Reflection

For this journal entry I was asked to look back at previous writing experiences. There have been multiple times when I have had to write different papers not only for class assignments but also for my job as well. I will discuss a couple of them in this journal entry as well as the current experience Iā€™m having with this course. I remember one writing project I was working on for one of my bosses a few years ago and I was having trouble with keeping up with the pace of her requests and with her consistently marking my work up with red ink. To overcome this issue, I sat down with her and asked for advise on how she wanted certain aspects of the paper so less mistakes would happen in the future. That meeting changed my entire perspective of how to write papers and how to write for different people and subjects. I remember a second time I was writing a short essay paper for a class and I could figure out how to put all the information I was finding into such a short paper. For this issue I asked for advice from my brother who went to school for journalism and at that time worked for a local newspaper. His advice saved me hours of time and trouble. For the current course Iā€™m working on I had the most trouble with distinguishing between the literature review and the body. What helped me the most and something I will take with me for future papers is the when writing a paper like this the literature review is what the experts say on the subject and the body is what you say on the topic,

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