Technology Self-Assessment

Technology Self-Assessment

GEN 102 Digital Literacy for Life and the Workplace

Technology Self-Assessment

Modern society uses a wide range of devices such as desktops, laptops, and smartphones to access online classes (Sole & Jackson, 2016). The advantages of desktops are affordable; having more power and features to use various programs and software such as video editing for graphic designs, engineering, and media studies; they have larger screens; easier, less expensive to upgrade; and lower risk of being stolen (Aston, n.d.) The disadvantages of desktops are the amount of space it takes up and having to move it if needed and requires constant power supply and always needs to be plugged in (Hirsh, n.d.). The advantages of laptops are easy to use without additional device; being portable and accessing data when needed; access the internet through Wi-Fi; and able to do assignments offline (Banerjee, 2018). The disadvantages of laptops are expensive; have slower processors and small hard drives; they have smaller screens; are hard to upgrade; and high risk of being stolen (Banerjee, 2018). The advantages of smartphone are fast connection speeds, wide rang of storage options, and lots of downloadable software applications (Sole & Jackson, 2016). The disadvantages are they can be expensive, short battery life span; can be very distracting with so many available applications; security risk present when loading of your personal data. The devices I will primarily use for my online classes are my laptop and smartphone. I will use my laptop to access my classes to write down my assignments; read the textbook; observe videos; upload assignments; and respond to discussion post, my professor and peers, while I’m at work or home. I will use my smartphone to check on my grades and screen through my assignments.

The Ashford writing can help meet my academic and professional goals by offering a variety of resources to help me with writing topics for my papers, paper review, and using grammarly. There are times I’m unsure of how to start writing my papers. The writing center provides steps to understanding my assignment, how to brainstorm, research information, how to outline my paper, writing a rough draft, revising my paper and editing and proofreading. Using paper review, I can submit my discussion posts and assignments and receive constructive feedback and links to other helpful resources. Using grammarly helps to edit and proofread my assignments to make sure they are writing with clarity and free of mistakes. My digital textbook can also help me with my academic goals by showing me how to highlight and downloading for future use. As I’m reading my text instead of writing notes in a notebook, I’m able to highlight the various key sections I deem important to use on my assignments or in my discussion posts. I am also able to download the textbook as audio, for my kindle, pdf format, or text on my notepad and I’m able to use either one without connecting online with Ashford. There is a bonus for me, I can print the textbook and have on hand in case I don’t have access to the internet, or a mishap with my laptop.

Using a memory devices/flash drives and the cloud are two types of data storages (Sole & Jackson, 2016). The advantages of flash drives are handheld and lightweight; don’t require charging; fits inside pocket/purses; platform independent; doesn’t require internet connection; security protected; affordable and transfer files quickly (Pierre, 2018). The disadvantages of flash drives are brief life span, risk of being lost, stolen or destroyed; and can be infected with malware (Pierre, 2018).

The advantages of using the cloud are that your information is password protected, can make you have the latest version on file, can access and edit files from different electronic devices, share files with others (Sole, & Jackson, 2016). The disadvantages of using the cloud are speed of downloading and uploading of files and securing and privacy of data (Robb, 2018). I have always and will continue to use my flash drive to organize and save my work because I am able to use it anytime, I need it. I have my flash drives stored in a protective case place a secured area on my desk.

The strength I have to being digitally literate is having basic knowledge of how to operate a computer. I can turn on/off the computer and accessing word to complete and save my assignments. I would like to learn more about the terminology and how to use various software such as Microsoft excel. I would like to learn how to use google docs, sheets, and slides in my academic and professional life.


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