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Entertainment Media Pitch


Entertainment Media Pitch

The Real Prison Lawyer.


The Real Prison Lawyer reality TV show takes place in California jails and prisons across the Golden State. The production crew film main actor Attorney Martin Saville in actual jail cells, interviewing and advising clients of their rights and laws pertaining to their case. American culture today is hooked on reality Tv and the influence the show will have on American social behavior is enormous in the sense that the type of advice attorney Martin Saville shares in each specific case, add legal education and awareness to people in an ordinary world where there are many politics around the area of American law and the justice system as a whole. The advice that Attorney Martin Saville will share for each specific case will allow viewers to gain a better perspective of the law in America. Viewers will be able to apply knowledge from the show and use it in their personal situations. The viewers will be hooked on outcomes from each case, each clients story will become unique and interesting. The series will have segments and viewers would have to tune in on a weekly basis to get the conclusion of each story. Viewers will be hooked on watching more episodes as they would get to know the stories of their personal favorite inmate and the viewer will be able to follow the story until the inmate appears in front of the judge for a trial. The show will choose its selection of inmates some will have cases that will most likely be dismissed and others will be more intense, however, Attorney Martin Saville will always do his best to advocate the best of his knowledge for all his clients. The target audience for this show is ages 16 and older.

First Episode Story.

Episode one starts when Main actor attorney Martin Saville walks down a long aisle in the LA county men’s Jail facility. The sounds of the long hallway scream from inmates are accented in the footage, the song titled “Dead and Gone” by Artist TI plays as background music as Attorney Martin Saville approaches a room that is staged for Attorney-client consultation, the files are taken out of his bag. He is greeted by a County Sheriff and Attorney Martin Saville requests to consult with the first client. The Sheriff then heads to the cell to get the inmate. The main characters that are constant in the series are Attorney Martin Saville and Sherrif Matt Stoffberg, Stephany Mc Callaghan and Jonathan Wallis. The Inmates whom cases are brought forth to Attorney Martin Saville vary and each program consist of deferent inmates. The show is about the advice that Attorney Martin Saville presents to every unique case, not about the inmates themselves. It is a Legal advice show, not a prison documentary.

How the show profits.

The show profits from sponsors and independent law firms who wish to feature on the legal counsel as guest legal counsel. Attorney Martin Saville will sub out inmates from time to time to discuss matters with other attorneys on a to be continued series, these shows are how and where the directors and fundraisers of the program will collect extra funding.

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