ITC 3001 Assignment 1

1. Identify the three main types of computer software that were discussed in your unit lesson. Within the three main categories, give examples of each and a brief explanation of each. Each explanation/description category must be answered with at least 100 words. You must cite your sources within your answers.

System Microsoft windows,Mac OS, Windows 10, UNIX. The operating system is used to manage all of the other programs a computer will use during its operation. The operating systems will use the applications programs to carry out commands to hardware as in Printer, data devices, and communications i.e. internet or networks. The operating system will also carry out complex operations between devices, as in allocating memory between applications and even hardware. The operating system will also alert when there are software or hardware errors that could affect the system. Operating systems can even be altered for security purposes, and to run new applications or patch older ones. (Christensson, P., 2016)
Applications Microsoft office, Internet explorer, Skype, virus protection, and gaming. Applications are controlled by the operating system and enable the user to complete tasks on a device. Applications are designed to carry out certain tasks and help the user with using the hardware that it is designed to use via a program. Software can also be altered to meet the capabilities of the system or to fit certain parameters that fit the user’s needs. For example virus protection can be modified to let certain information through and block other information that the user doesn’t want unblocked. Applications like Microsoft office can be for word processing and creating spreadsheets to use equations. (Christensson, P., 2006)
Development Tools HTML, C++, AJAX, and Flash. Development tools have been developed to make other software as in other applications, websites, OSs, and other utilities. Development tools were also created to aid software developers and programmers maintaining/ editing software by identifying and resolving bugs that may arise in the programs coding. These development tools have been crucial in the recent years as web OS has grown exponentially, with so much data at user’s disposal. OSs needed to be more flexible OS by being able to perform multiple task at the same time, and with the internet usage increase so rapidly Web OS will need to grow just as fast cloud computing has had its own development tools as in, AJAX and flash technologies which have been the most popular in the recent years. Aslam, Z. T. M., & Fatima, M. (2015)

2. Write a 150-word essay on the importance of operating systems (OSs). Locate at least one article in the CSU Online Library and one article from an Internet search. You may also use the required readings to support your essay. You must cite your sources within your essay.

There are many reasons why an OS is so vital in the technology world, as there would be no way to use the all of the computer components at all without this main piece of software. The OS manages your system and determines the types of applications you can run and also is the link between the hardware, user and the supporting software. P. L. Cloot (2018) Operating systems also function as launchers and file managers, as they provide a way to open programs. P. L. Cloot (2018) An OS also determines how the software interacts with the hardware that is connected wirelessly or hard wired. For most devices, an OS regulates the flow of competing programs and information, allowing a computer to engage simultaneously in multiple tasks—such as word processing and file downloading—without causing a data traffic jam or crash. Rager, C. (2013) The OS also has the curial task of error detection and correction, and error control should be able to handle two classes of error: hardware conditions (with automatic error logging for the engineers’ benefit), and programming conditions, such as incorrect labelling of files, or end-of-reel conditions on tape units. P. L. Cloot (2018) The end result is that a computer is a heap of metal until the Operating system software is added as it is the baseline for the whole system and can’t be used without.

3. Identify three mobile OSs and three personal computer OSs. Explain advantages and disadvantages of each one. Describe each OS. The total wording for each OS description/advantages/disadvantages should be no less than 100 words. You must cite your sources.

1.Apple IOS This Apples mobile operating system that controls operations of iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple TV. Dassett, B. Dassett, A. (2014) All apple devices are closed sourced which is updated and maintained solely by Apple. Ease of use.Closed source for a much safer experience for the user. Dassett, B. Dassett, A. (2014)Easier to develop – only a small set of hardware/OS to support. Dassett, B. Dassett, A. (2014)Easier to develop with regards UI standardization. Standard tool chain so most problems have been solved before. Dassett, B. Dassett, A. (2014) Users cannot manage files and folders like you can in Mac OS X or Windows. Dassett, B. Dassett, A. (2014)Closed sourced kernel means less control by the user along with much less customization. Dassett, B. Dassett, A. (2014)
2.Android OS This is Googles mobile operating system that controls many devices on the market today i.e. Samsung mobile devices like the Galaxy series of phones and tablets. Android OS is an open sourced Kernel. Graphical user interfaces vary from device to device for a different outlook.Open sourced kernel means there can be modifications to the OS outside of Googles parameters. Nunal, P. (2011)Many users on this platform, much more upgrades and customizations. Nunal, P. (2011) Can normally come with preloaded third party applications which may take up space and slow the phone down. Nunal, P. (2011)Open sourced kernel can mean far less secure along with bugs that come from improper coding. Nunal, P. (2011)
3.Blackberry OS The Blackberry OS has been geared toward the corporate world and business professionals is a closed source as its exclusive to just blackberry devices. Nunal, P. (2011) Blackberry OS allows for a physical qwerty keyboard that allows for faster more accurate typing. Nunal, P. (2011)Blackberry also has a email application that allows for receiving and sending email in seconds. Nunal, P. (2011)Blackberry OS has also optimized its battery consumption over other OSs. Nunal, P. (2011) As with ios, Blackberrry has followed in their footsteps with its own proprietary application system for apps. Nunal, P. (2011)Web interface is very cumbersome as the OS is very sluggish in web browsing as it was programmed more for data compression making the OS limited. Nunal, P. (2011)
4.Windows OS Windows OS is one of the most popular operating platforms around the world. Windows has also evolved over the years adapting to new technologize that have risen. Windows OSs have been simplifying their platform from version to version, so there is an ease of use.There is a huge selection of software available for the windows OS.The Windows platform also supports many types of hardware as the popularity keeps manufacturers using the Windows OS. Windows OS is closed source, which means that only Microsoft can access their source codes.Poor security due to less engineering in this area, which can make them very vulnerable to being hijacked.
5.Mac OS Mac OS is a Macintosh product and this OS is strictly for the Apple Laptops and Desktop lines, Mac OS is Unix based OS designed to be closed sourced for security and performance purposes. Bonheur, K. (2017) Mac OS has an easy to use graphical user interface that is clean and upfront. Bonheur, K. (2017)Mac OS is that it is considerably safer than Windows, Mac OS is less susceptible to viruses and malware than Windows.Apple is both a software developer and a device manufacturer. This means that they have optimized the Mac OS to work seamlessly with all of the hardware components of a Mac device. Bonheur, K. (2017) A standard Mac computer cannot be upgraded easily because most of its hardware components are integrated both at a design and engineering levels. Bonheur, K. (2017)
6.Unix OS Unix is a command line based operating system that was developed in 1969 and is even the base for Mac OS. Uhl, J. (2018) The Unix operating system offers an efficient level of virtual memory. What this means for the user is that you can use a number of programs at the same time using only a modest level of physical memory. Uhl, J. (2018) The traditional interface for the Unix operating system is command line based, and this command line shell interface may be hostile to the casual user. Uhl, J. (2018)Unix was developed for use by programmers and serious computer users rather than casual users. A graphical user interface (GUI) is also available, but the traditional Unix interface is command line only. Uhl, J. (2018)


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