Windows vs Mac OS

Windows vs Mac OSFinal

ITC 3001, Personal Computer Fundamentals

Windows vs Mac OS

Linux is an alternative PC operating system. The Linux operating system is easier to update than other operating systems due to the fact that you can update the system with just one or two commands. Unlike other operating systems you are not required to restart your system after updates have taken place (Joan, B.).

Unix is another operating system. Unix is a very old operating system developed in 1981. It is a very expensive operating system which was made for large mainframe computers. The system does not have much processing power and Unix is not owned by the average person it is mainly used by businesses (Joan, B.).

The Microsoft Windows operating systems; however is used by as many as 1.5 billion people daily (Lynch, J.). The first Microsoft Windows operating system was released by Microsoft in 1985 and it was it was Windows 1.0 in 2014 Microsoft removed one of the features I really enjoyed the most from there operating system and that was the clipart feature Microsoft stated that the reasoning for discontinuing the clipart feature was they felt that the clipart was very outdated. Windows 10 is my favorite of the operating system I like how command became easier you can now use Ctrl+V as you would do anywhere in other applications.

The Mac operating system which was devolved by Apple was released in 1984 there are fourteen versions of the MAC operating system (2011). I have spoken with many people concerning the MAC operating system over the years and what I have found was they either love it or they hate it, unlike Microsoft operating systems the MAC operating system comes with a built in security system which is very successful in combating many viruses and it is designed around a graphical user interface. There were two main attraction’s from the Mac users that I spoke with the first attraction was that the MAC operating systems have more applications than Windows and the second was the fact that when the Mac operating system detects a problem with an application the MAC operating system will repair the application without you having to take the steps to repair the application yourself.

After researching the four operating systems I have to say the Microsoft Windows operating system is the one I am most comfortable with I suppose it is due to the fact that while attending high school that was the only operating system that was used, and I find the operating system easy to use and I like the layout of the desktop. I would like to expand my horizons in the near feature to experience the Mac operating system.


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