Microsoft Excel 2016 and Its Many Uses in our Lifestyles


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Microsoft Excel 2016

Microsoft Excel was first released on September 30, 1985 and was first created for the Macintosh Operating system, and was released on Windows in November 1987. Excel was created early in the computing era and is still widely used to this day with many user on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. This spreadsheet program seems to under used by most of its users myself included, as being one of them I have found out a great deal of formulas and shortcuts for this application in my computers class. There are many reasons to use Excel in all facets of life, and I will give my input on those in this paper.

Home Uses for Microsoft Excel

There have been some many different types of excel spreadsheets that I have used over the years at home as I have grown up with this program my whole life, and the first of my personal uses has been for budgeting. My mother was actually the person that helped with my first excel sheet and she setup all of my financing and budget on a premade template. The template would show a graph that would breakdown expenses and extra available funds, and after using this template for a while I began to make my own spreadsheets. The first of my own spreadsheet was for fitness purposes as I wanted to track my progression for weight lifting and also a log for my eating habits and weight tracking. I to this day I also use a spreadsheet for keeping track of home maintenance, and auto maintenance, as there is so much to try to remember as in replacing air filters, water filters, AC maintenance, and fertilizer for my plants. I would be very lost without my Microsoft programs but especially Excel.

Business uses for Microsoft Excel

As I have been a store manager for the NorthWest Company that operates out of Alaska and with that said is far behind most other businesses when it comes to technology, many of our everyday operations were done in Excel formatted worksheets. Attendance was tracked on an excel sheet that was formulated for tracking tardy or absences, and even scheduling purposes as well. Sales were tracked in this way as well with categories broken down from frozen foods to produce etc. There were also many logs that were basic but useful, to name a few would be maintenance and cleaning log, cash reconciliations paperwork for cash register opening and count down. Senior management would have trackers in place for sales contest and product buy-ins, and these were also laid out on excel worksheets. Our disciplinary action paper work was also based on an excel worksheet. Needless to say the company has used Excel heavily since the 1980’s as many processes are so behind the current times.

School uses for Microsoft Excel

My school uses for excel hasn’t been too big of an extent as most of my work is done in Microsoft Word, I do have a checklist that I use to make sure that I complete my assignment that I track my assignments and grades in each corresponding cell. I haven’t really found uses until taking this class that I now am rethinking the uses of excel and how it can be useful in all facets of life.

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