MKT 100 Week 7 Disscusion

Businesses commonly use celebrities to endorse their products, meaning they feature a celebrity in the commercial holding the product, using the product, or talking about the product. Other times businesses have the celebrities wear, use, or talk about their products in their everyday lives, in interview, and when they are out in public. So, with this concept in mind:

Out of Beyonce, Jimmy Falon, Bill Gates, or Kelly Clarkson, who would you use to endorse Diet Pepsi in attempts to reach the teen population between 12-19? Why have you decided upon this celebrity? How does this celebrity align to the new target market?

Now, which media channels would you use to reach the particular target market with this your selected celebrity endorser? How would you get your celebrity to actually endorse the product, based upon the discussion board introduction?

I would choose Beyonce to endorse diet Pepsi. Pepsi first hired Beyonce in 2002 to indorse their Pepsi product and she brought in over 50 million in sales. With that, it seems fitting that Pepsi should use the popular icon to endorse the diet Pepsi line. Beyonce has successfully advertised Pepsi in the past at Super Bowls and half-time commercials. It is very beneficial for this business to align their market needs with this pop star. Beyonce will successfully endorse diet Pepsi while continuing to spread her message of self-love and positive body image to consumers.

PepsiCo chooses the relevant distribution channel based on customer needs, product characteristics, and local trade practices. Media channels such as social media and prime time television are good for marketing, so that is what I would choose. For the diet Pepsi line, I would do one of Beyonce’s famous songs and have her dance to it while drinking the diet Pepsi. In addition, Beyonce would then say it’s her favorite drink with fewer calories. I think Pepsi consumers will enjoy this and be confident enough to purchase diet Pepsi based off of Beyonce’s endorsement.

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