Flowchart Improvement Process

Flowchart Improvement Process

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OPS/571 Operational Management

Flowchart Improvement Process

When looking to make improvement in your job environment, creating a flowchart of the work process involved in the day-to-day running of your company or organization will help show improvements are needed. I work for a part of the County Government in which we collect Ad Valorem taxes that are due on real and personal property and motor vehicle. When collecting money for the taxes on a car, there is a process that we must go through for each transaction of collecting the taxes on a car. Doing a flowchart in my office about the steps involved in collecting tax monies on tags will help my office in finding ways to make the process of when the customer enter our office to when the customer leave our office as smooth and swift as possible.

According to Jacobs & Chase (2014) “often the activities associated with a process affect one another so that it is important to consider the simultaneous performance of a number of activities, all operating at the same time. A good way to start analyzing a process is with a diagram showing the basic elements of a process—typically tasks, flows, and storage areas.” This is known as flowcharting and if done correctly it will help companies and organizations to minimize unnecessary procedures and steps and make the work of the employees more efficient. Below is the as-is flowchart of how to process the payment of Ad Valorem Taxes for a motor vehicle.

Wilcox County Tax Collector AS-IS Flowchart

After looking over my as-is flowchart of processing tax payment on a tag, I realized that the process could be improved. According to Jocobs & Chase (2014) “A process that does not match the needs of the firm will punish the firm every minute that the firm operates.” To improve this flowchart some of the steps can be eliminated to make the flow of traffic as smooth as possible in our office. We learn what steps if any need to be eliminated through process analysis by answering certain questions to see if we have a reason to conduct a process analysis.

Improve Wilcox County Tax Collector Flowchart

In conclusion, flowchart improvement process can be very helpful to any business if they are looking for areas that their company needs improvement. This flowchart process will show a company the process that it is using now to complete a process or service that the company provides to its customers. When analyzing the as-is flowchart, a company can study the flowchart to see if anything can be enhanced, removed, or added to make the process that the company deliver to the customer better for all involved.


Jacobs, F.R. & Chase, R.B. (2014). Operations and supply chain management (14th ed). New Your, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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