Final Project: Milestone One

1. What were total sales by salesperson?  

Jane – $269,805
Joe – $251,513
Bill – $245,921

Sales Person Total Sales
Jane $269,805
Joe $251,513
Bill $245,921
Grand Total $767,239

2. What were the total sales of red wine in California over the last six months? Draft this answer graphically and in a way that shows each different salesperson’s sales.  

Jane – $111,937
Bill – $95,536
Joe – $91,88

Sales Person Total of Red Wine Sales
Jane $111,937
Bill $95,536
Joe $91,888
Grand Total $299,361

3. Which types of wine were the best and worst sellers? Again, draft this answer graphically showing all wine sales by type of wine.  

The best seller for type of wine was white wine and organic wine was the worse seller. It should be noted, however, white wine sales led red wine sales by only $2,343.

Type of Sale Total Sales
White Wine Sales $301,704
Red Wine Sales $299,361
Organic Wine Sales $166,174
Total Sales $767,239