HU 250 Unit 6 Presentation

Brazil is magnificent! O Brasil e`Magnifico! Ability to shape the minds of students.Ability to expand the students horizons.Help prepare students into being productive members of society.The University Mission Statement The Role of an Educator Why Brazil? Incorporate cross culture influences into the curriculum.Engage and Interact with the environment/culture.Hands-on experience with diversity, religion, traditions, etc.Enhance overall …

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HU245 Unit Two DB

Of the nonconsequentialist theories, I found Kant’s Duty Ethics to be the most logical. According to the textbook, “Ethics: Theory and Practice,” Kant believed that the only existing good was, in fact, goodwill; goodwill is defined as acting by moral rules, laws, and values, no matter the outcome or self-interest. Also, actions with the result …

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HU245 Unit One DB

According to our class textbook, “Ethics: Theory and Practice,” ethics is a systematic approach for what is right and what is wrong. Also referred to as moral philosophy, the concept of ethics provides capable reasoning for individuals. Ethics studies morality, which is an oversight on how humans conduct themselves and what their values are. Therefore, …

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