ITC 3001 Unit 1 Assignment 1

Unit 1 Assignment

1. Identify the three main types of computer software that were discussed in your unit lesson. Within the three main categories, give examples of each and a brief explanation of each. Each explanation/description category must be answered with at least 100 words. You must cite your sources within your answers.

1) Application Software – Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, OneNote, etc.- iOS Pages & Numbers, etc- The Adobe suite. Within a computers operating system, application software is software that is either installed or ran and is used to complete specified tasks. These tasks can included word processing, using programs such as Microsoft Word or creating spreadsheets using different spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers. Application software is also used to create presentations using programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynotes (Shethna, 2015). Other common uses of application software are graphic design and number calculations along with countless other operations. These different types of application software make creating documents quick, easy, and precise for all levels of computer understanding.
2) System Software – Microsoft Windows- Apple iOS- Google Chrome OS The programs that run a computers various hardware and application programs are known as system software. The system software is an interface between hardware and users applications. The most commonly known example of system software is the computer operating system. While application software is used to complete specific tasks such as word processing or creating a spreadsheet, the operating system is responsible for managing all programs on a computer. Other types of system software include basic input and output system; which is responsible for getting the system started after turning it on, and device drivers; which control different devices that may be attached to the computer such as a keyboard or a mouse (Rouse, 2015).
3) Development Tools – Hypertext Mark Up Language (HTML)- C++ – Java Script Development tools are just what they sound like, they are the tools used to create all of the various things that can run on a computer. They may include anything from simple programs to complex software applications, websites and even the computer operating system itself. Common development tools used to create and run these various things include Hypertext Markup Language, or HTML, C++ and Java Script. One of the greatest examples would be HTML. This is a type of “code” used to create digital documents and display them on the internet. Every page on the internet is written using some type of HTML code (“What is HTML (HyperText Markup Language)?,” 2017).


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