ITC 3001 Unit 1 Assignment 2

Unit 1 Assignment

2. Write a 150-word essay on the importance of operating systems (OSs). Locate at least one article in the CSU Online Library and one article from an Internet search. You may also use the required readings to support your essay. You must cite your sources within your essay.


Computers today are more important and are more powerful tools than ever before. They are used in many facets through the workforce and in our personal lives and have made completing many tasks more efficient and more precise. With computer being so important in so much of our daily lives, the operating system installed on a computer is just as important as the computer itself. Without the operating system to control the way the applications and software run, computers are useless.

As computer technologies have evolved, so have operating systems. One form of operating system that is growing in popularity is the web based operating system. A web based operating system is one that allows users from various locations to access applications that are stored either completely or partially on the web. These systems come in handy as they can allow a user to access web applications or documents from any device that they may have, as long as that device can connect to the internet. This means that applications or documents aren’t tied to one specific device (Strickland, 2008). With today’s world relying so heavily on computers, the importance of good operating systems can easily be seen.

We are not just relying on computers these days when accomplishing tasks or searching the internet. Over the past decade, smartphones have become extremely powerful tools and are essentially mini computers. People all over the world are using smartphones to access the internet. In fact, so many people are using smartphones that “Google’s Android is challenging Microsoft Windows as the world’s most popular operating system (OS) in terms of total internet usage across desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile combined (Android challenges windows as world’s most popular operating system, 2017).” Like computers, smartphones require an operating system to work. With the popularity of the smartphone growing so rapidly, a properly functioning operating system is vital.


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