Personal Computer Fundamentals

Personal Computer Fundamentals

Unit I Assignment

ITC 3001 Personal Computer Fundamentals

1. Identify the three main types of computer software that were discussed in your unit lesson. Within the three main categories, give examples of each and a brief explanation of each. Each explanation/description category must be answered with at least 100 words. You must cite your sources within your answers.

Application Software Spreadsheet ProgramsWord ProcessorsDatabase ManagementAccounting SoftwarePhoto EditorsAnti-Virus Software Application software, also known as applications or apps, refers to programs that can run on any device, including computers, tablets and mobile phones. Although originally known as software, as cross-platform software has become more prevalent, the name has evolved to better represent its flexibility. Application software covers pretty everything you would ever need to do on a device. Utilizing application software allows users to post to social networks, track expenses, collaborate with colleagues, create documents and edit files. Some applications serve a single function, such as the calendar or calculator on your phone, while others can complete more complicated tasks, such as adding entries to a database. Hopping, (2019.)
System Software Utility SoftwareDevice DriversSystem ServersOperating System System software is software loaded onto a computer that is designed to work with and control the internal computer hardware. The operating system is the main type of software initially loaded onto any computer. The operating system manages the computer hardware, the available software and provides common services to the computer programs. The other main type of system software, installed with the operating system, is the utility software which helps to analyze, configure, optimize and maintain the computer infrastructure. The operating system and utility software work together directly, in the background computer sessions, and allow users to interact directly with the computer hardware. Examples of system software include the Device Manager as well as utilities found in the Control Panel.Computer Hope. (2019.)
Development Tools – Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)Computer Languages such as C++, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, etc. Integrated development environment (IDE) is software, consisting of basic tools, for writing and testing software. Software developers use various tools during software code creation, building and testing. These development tools include text editors, libraries, compilers and test platforms. By utilizing an IDE, the developer would need to integrate and manage these tools separately. IDE’s are designed to simplify the development of software by identifying and minimizing code mistakes and typos. One well known example of an IDE is Microsoft’s Visual Studio which can be found at: The term computer-assisted software environment (CASE) is used to describe a set of tools and practices used in the management of a software development project.Rouse, M. (2019.)

2. Write a 150-word essay on the importance of operating systems (OSs). Locate at least one article in the CSU Online Library and one article from an Internet search. You may also use the required readings to support your essay. You must cite your sources within your essay.

The operating system (OS) is the single most critical piece of software installed on a computer. Operating systems are experiencing great changes with rapid technology advancements. Initially operating systems were design to meet basic requirement of users but as time passes user requirements have changed and are not limited to local system base programs or services. In order to fulfill user needs operating system has evolved to meet the latest challenges (Aslam, 2015.) The operating system is the managing director of processes and allows users access to sound, memory and graphic assets contained in the hardware infrastructure of the computer. Without the addition of the operating system, computers would be useless to most users. The operating system allows users to connect with and manage the full potential of the computer functions and experience. The two (2) main computer operating systems are macOS and Windows. These two OS’s operate in uniquely different ways but, provide computer users relatively similar experiences. The OS is the connection between the computer central processing unit (CPU), available memory and storage capacity.

From the time when we turn the computer on until we shut it off, the OS is managing our entire experience (Cockerham, 2015.) The computer operating system is the connection between the installed software, the machine hardware and the end user. There are alternative OS’s to macOS and Windows and each provides unique benefits for end users once they learn how they work. Many computer users utilize the Linux OS. Linux is considered an open-source program and can be downloaded free of charge and enjoys the online presence of a thriving developer community. If a user is considering running currently available computer applications, using a standard operating system such as macOS or Windows would be the best bet. Support for third-party operating systems, such as Linux, is not always available and can cause unnecessary headaches.

3. Identify three mobile OSs and three personal computer OSs. Explain advantages and disadvantages of each one. Describe each OS. The total wording for each OS description/advantages/disadvantages should be no less than 100 words. You must cite your sources.

iOS Steve Jobs unveiled the Apple iPhone along with iOS in 2007. iOS is one of the oldest mobile operating systems but, maintains popularity among users due to its features and stability. When compared to other mobile device software if feels less like a computer than other operating systems. Many prefer iOS for its user-friendliness but, Apple trails Android on smartphones in the U.S. However, more consumers chose iOS over Android for tablets in the U.S.ITHare, (n.d.) Good user interface (UI) and response timeLess models allows easier application designQuality finish on Apple devicesUnlocked for easier customizationLess generated heat than Android devicesGood for media entertainmentGood business and gaming suitsIntuitive iOSSaranya, (2017.) Application review can take timeLarge sized applicationsExpensive applications with no widget support3G Battery performance poorDevices expensive to repairSupport of iOS devices onlySaranya, (2017.)
Android Android traces its roots back to 2007, when it came upon the mobile scene just in time for the Christmas gift-giving season. Google discovered, developed and published the Android operating system. Android took a few years to get up to speed but soon became a major contender in the mobile operating system market. Android technology features streamlined features, improved function ability and impressive technical prowess. Those users who demand ease of multitasking and compatibility between carious computer systems choose Android. Android offers users both open-source applications and proprietary software which appeals to both professional and personal users.ITHare, (n.d.) Ease of customizationNo review processSMS application is seperateOpen source platformAndroid store easy to utilizeLower costRAW image supportBeta Testing Staged rolloutIntegration with Google cloud storageThriving job prospectsSaranya, (2017.) Usually need more code on Java than Object-CComplex layouts and animations are hard to code in AndroidApplications contain virus also present in Android marketA lot of process in the background leads to quick battery drainAds will always display either at the top of bottom of the applicationLow security and fake Apps can install and steal information from unknown resourcesHigh device fragmentationSaranya, (2017.)
Windows Phone Microsoft launched the Windows Phone operating system as Windows Mobile in 2003 and initially grabbed an impressive share of the U.S. market. This initial popularity waned quickly as iOS and Android surged forward. Windows Phone replaced Windows Mobile in 2010. Windows Phone offers users’ applications and features similar to the desktop version of Windows. Windows Phone users suffer in that, many companies and designers have opted against creating Windows versions of their Apps. Consumers who place high priority on camera design and functionality will appreciate the features built into Windows devices.ITHare, (n.d.) Microsoft phone devices still work fastSmoothness of interface, speed of running Apps, switching between windows and other operations work wellThe Microsoft operating system is still the most secure compared to Android or iOS.Security is reliable because of the source code and system protectionDebaleena (2018.) Lack of demandMicrosoft smartphones have almost disappeared from the marketNo updates to the Microsoft OSNo push notificationsNo new devices being releasedDebaleena (2018.)
Microsoft Windows Microsoft discovered, designed and produced the Windows operating system (OS.) The Windows OS provides a user-friendly graphical display which organizes information for easy user access. Utilizing icons and tools that simplify the complex operations of personal computers makes Windows easy to use. It is estimated that 90% of all computers in use utilize the Windows OS. Microsoft introduced their OS in 1985 and is still widely used despite competition from Apple’s Mcintosh OS.MicrosoftWindows, (n.d.) Extremely easy to useLarge number of software titles availableBackwards compatibility with earlier versionsGood support of new hardware Updates make OS plug and playExcellent gaming experienceCompatible with MS designed sitesRJ Systems, (2017.) High system resource requirementsClosed source platformVirus attacks and security issuesExhaustive licensing agreementsTechnical support lackingPoor system stabilityVendor lock-inIncompatibility with previous software versionsLack of older hardware supportQuestionable remote accessHigh overall cost of ownershipRJ Systems, (2017.)
5. macOS X While Windows has remained the most popular and available operating system (OS) in use, macOS has been gaining ground. It is a Unix-based OS developed for the Apple Mcintosh line of computers and is a hallmark of the Apple brand. Apple users argue that, MacBook laptops and desktops are better than other systems because of the seamless integration of the macOS and top of the line hardware specifications. Some argue that the macOS is extremely limited and much too costly. Version Daily, (2019.) Easy and powerful user interfaceFewer viruses and security issuesExcellent integration between OS and hardwareProductivity applications preloadedImpressive multitasking featureApple devices integrate effectivelyVersion Daily, (2019.) Mac computers are more expensiveInflexible hardware upgradesLack of game titles and gaming experienceLimited amount of AppsVersion Daily, (2019.)
6. 5.Linux GNU/Linux is an operating system (OS) that can be used as an alternate to Windows. It is a free or very low-cost Unix-like system with a reputation of being secure, efficient and stable. The Linux kernel was first developed in 1991 by Linus Torvalds while he was studying computer technology at the University of Helsinki. A remarkably complete OS that includes a huge collection of tools, an X Window System graphical user interface, many major applications and support for networking protocols and file systems. Unlike proprietary Oss, such as Windows, GNU/Linux source code is open to the public and users can modify, contribute and build upon it.RJ Systems, (2017.) Open source platform Easy modificationSystem requirements lowExcellent securityImmune to virusesExceptional stabilityExcellent technical supportProblems/Bugs quickly fixedNo vendor lock-inExtensive hardware supportMany free online tools and applicationsUltimate product continuityBroad interoperabilityStrong remote accessLow Total Cost of OwnershipRJ Systems, (2017.) Fewer business applicationsIncompatible distributionsKnowledgeable administrators requiredUser interface different from Windows with steep learning curveCost of mitigationNo single company responsible for technical supportRJ Systems, (2017.)


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