Communication Plan

Strategic Communication Plan COM 510 Business Communications Yes my challenge or an opportunity are clear on what I would like to accomplish. The level of professional ability to work with a company that does not have any barriers to achieving a higher level of growth, in addition to my desire to enhance my skills and …

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Written Communication

Written Communication Strayer University Business Communication COM 510 PART 1 Internal Memo To: All Employees From: The Clinic Director Subject: The Launch of the EMR system Date: September 2, 2019 Attention: CGMHS Employees, I want update you that we will begin formal training session and launch of the clinics new Electronic Medical Records System on …

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Verbal Communication

Verbal Communication Business Communication COM 510 Strayer University For this verbal communication to take place, I had to prepare myself mentally in thinking through what I wanted to say in my presentation within the 5 minute range. There is so much that can be said during an interview process that I had to write and …

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Final Paper Outline

Final Paper Outline COM 325 Communication & Conflict Introduction Conflict Thesis: Conflict is a part of life, there is no way around it. Our ability to manage and resolve conflict will determine our ability to grow within a company and to create respectful relationships. To successfully handle conflict, you must understand why conflict occurs and …

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The Five Stages of Constructive Conflict Management

The Five Stages of Constructive Conflict Management COM 325 Communication and Conflict Conflict is a common occurrence in everyday life. It occurs within our homes with family, at work with co-workers or employers, strangers in the streets, and can even occur within ourselves (internal conflict). Conflict can be viewed as an opposition to our needs, …

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Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation and Arbitration COM 325 Communication and Conflict In the earlier development of the English Language mediation and Arbitration was used interchangeably. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the historical definition of Arbitration was, “to act as a formal arbitrator or umpire, to mediate in dispute between contending parties.” Today there is still much confusion …

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